Friday, December 08, 2006

The Legal Drinking Age in The United States

Do you want to lose your self? Of course the answer would be “no”. All people around the world often try to avoid any thing that may cause trouble in their live such as health problems, job losing and destroying personal life. There is one thing can cause most of these troubles which is alcohol. Alcohol is really big problem in most countries and one of them is America. So, American lawmakers try to reduce alcohol problems by passing a law which is the legal age to drink alcohol is 21 years because people under this age may not make good decisions about life conditions when they are drunk. Therefore, the drinking age must remain at 21 to protect young people from health diseases, traffic accidents and academic studies.

First, alcohol will ruin on the body health. It will hurt many parts of body such as liver, brain, heart and nervous. People who under 21 years still growing up and they need good nutrition, not bad, to make their bodies healthy. Obviously, this problem will lead to another problem that is sick people because these people will be addicted to alcohol. In fact, this problem will not be personal, but all society will suffer from and big part of mind will go to these people to treat them from illness. Therefore, it is better to prevent this problem before it happened.

Second, driving under alcohol influence is seriously big problem because it can kill people in accidents. Most of accidents happen because the vision and focus for drunk people are not as usual; or they are effected by alcohol. So, people should avoid driving under alcohol influence especially people under 21 years old. Because they are still young and usually prefer crazy and speed driving. In fact, this problem will lose the society the most important thing human because human is the most important factor to build any society, so loss people means no life.

Lastly, most people who under 21 years are students. As a result, there are many reasons to keep them away from alcohol such as getting good knowledge, getting degree and to being successful academically. In fact, when most people get drunk, their attention and concentration would be very weak. So, it is hard to understand teachers' explanation. Furthermore, it is difficult to solve lessons problems because the way of thinking for people who drunk would change, and it will take longer time to do any task. As a result, these kind of students would be unsuccessful with their classes.

In conclusion, we have to admit in alcohol is a part our life and a lot of people drink it. It is impossible to neglect this truth, but we have to work to reduce the disadvantages of alcohol. One of the important steps is limit the age to drink alcohol in 21 years for many reasons. First, alcohol has bad effect on health. So by this law can protect high percentage of population from illness. Second, alcohol is direct reason to traffic accidents and sometimes may this accidents cause death. Third, alcohol will drive many student to fail in academic field, of course, this will effect on the country directly. In fact, we can observe clearly disadvantages of alcohol are more than advantages and it will hurt an any society if there is no control to protect substances. Unfortunately, the results of having alcohol would take some time to appear clearly, so we have to make good control with the source to avoid future problems.

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