Monday, September 25, 2006

I went to alcohol abuse and your health web site and I found a lot of information related to alcohol's problems. You can see some facts and statistics such as health problems, and car accidents. This article mention especialy to universties students because they can hurt them selves by drinking a lot. So they can't make a control on them selves because they still young.

In my opinion I found this web site very interesting and useful, because alcohol's problems may cause a lot of problems in many fields such as health, money, sexuality, driving accidents, and society harms. So alcohol's problems it should be know to everyone to avoid its troubles. In other way you can give some advises to people who are use alcohol, too. This informaion on this web site may tell you about many important thing that can give you warning when you think to drink. Alcohol can lead to commite crimes, too. Many crimes happend under alcohol influance.


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