Friday, December 08, 2006

For Once, Blame the Students

In Patrick Walsh's article "For Once, Blame the Students," he argues that emigrated students who are involve in American schools in the United States do better than American students in their classes. Also, American students don't get high grade in their classes. As a result, the parents talk into teachers for that because they think teachers don't work very well to teach their children. The author continues to say that American students are a part in this problem by avoiding classes work and trying to get out of classes which they don't like. In addition, Walsh agrees with raising admissions standards to improve students performance. He claims that parents or home have to encourage students to let them do better in their classes. Finally, the education system in the United States still very good and the evidence for that results for emigrated students. I agree with the author completely there are many American students very weak in their classes in many ways ,for example, they don’t work very well, they don't care about rules in schools and they try to be away from hard classes.

First, American students are lazy because of they usually don't do their homework. Also, they are careless about their grades because they usually don't interested in school, but in other things often it is related to fun. In fact, these problems related to life habits and personality things for example most American growing up in good situation of comfort in life and they didn't do anything seriously when they are children or teenagers, so they will take every thing easily even their classes. I believe if American students feel some responsibility in their lives, a lot of things will improve positively especially with duty.

Second, American students don't care about school rules or systems, for example, they don't join to classes that they don't like and they don't follow rules. Actually, this is a big problem because class is only the place that you can learn in. If you neglect it for sure you are going to leave everything even study skills. So, schools systems must be very clear and strict for bad students to guarantee everyone will obey and go with.

Third, American students are not active and they are not interested in school. Therefore, teachers can not do anything to give permission them become active in classes. Also, there is no craving from students to do very well in classes. Obviously, this problem depend on many factors such as parents, society, and peers, not only teachers.

In conclusion, I think American students have a lot of work to become good and active students. It doesn't come by wishes. First, they must focus on changing study habits and behavior. Then, they have to obey and respect school rules. Finally, they must motivate themselves by using any way they like to get the best result in classes. Students who don't work very well with their classes will not help themselves or the society. I believe American leaders have to treat with these problems carefully and very fast to make American students change into good students. These are public problems. American leaders have to keep education level in good way to guarantee many jobs for American and keep American knowledge moving form generation to generation.

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2006, October 18, from www.usatoday.com


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