Tuesday, March 06, 2007

TOEFL Improves English

Are you an international student? Do you want to succeed in your classes at American universities? Of course the answer will be "yes". However, many students can not study as international students because of English. English is the first difficulty to many students who want to study at American universities. Furthermore, all American universities ask for a specific level of English to guarantee that students can deal with their classes very well. In fact, there is a test for people who do not speak English as a native language. It is TOEFL test. TOEFL can measure English skills such as listening, grammar and reading. Furthermore, the requirement is different from one degree program to another. For example, most American universities ask 520 for undergraduate programs and 550 for graduate programs. By TOEFL's result American universities can have confidence in their new students' English. Therefore, the TOEFL test should be used to measure students' English because develop English, guaranty good students and get study tactics.

First, the TOEFL test improves students' English. Students will try to realize a lot of English words to prepare for TOEFL. Therefore, they can notice distinguish between words such as affect and effect. Also, students will try to keep their minds think like people who speak English as a native language. For example, in Arabic language they use same pronoun many times in one sentence, but in English they do not. Therefore, TOEFL is useful to improve English.

Second, the TOEFL test keeps out students who might fail at university. Because English is only the language that used in American universities there is no way to study unless students know English. For example, some students do not know about their English level, so the TOEFL's score can judge for that and tell them if they need study more or not. TOEFL is a great way to keep these students away and save their family's money. For example, if there is a student and his family will pay for him, the TOEFL will be good evidence to know he is qualify to study at university or not. So, TOEFL is excellent way to make universities satisfy with their students.

Lastly, the TOEFL inspires students to study very hard. Every student has a goal when he comes to the United States and he wants to achieve the goal. All international students goal's starts with TOEFL. So, they start to study for TOEFL by learning tricky problems and adjusting time. For example;, some students need 550 to get an admission at university, for that student must study hard to achieve their goals. In addition, TOEFL like an enemy to many students and a lot of them learn to beat it by studying hard and managing time. If the student is not organized before and can not manage his time the right way, because of this challenge he will gain the best strategy to study and that strategy will help him in academic study. Obviously, TOEFL will change behavior study into good way.

Opponents of TOEFL test say that it is not real English to make a judgment on a student’s English. Obviously, their idea is not true because of students who take TOEFL test, they are going to study at American universities. Therefore, they need to use formal and academic English to deal with people at universities especially professors. Also, English is not only speaking. It has many skills like reading, listening and writing, so it is impossible to learn all these skills without a drawn plan.

In conclusion, most education makers believe in TOEFL because it can measure the ability of students’ English. It is a good way to increase students' knowledge of English, select serious students and help students to gain study methods. In fact, most American universities are very careful in their input because they want to be proud of their output. That means when they give an admission to a student they want to make sure this student can be fine during time that he study at university, also when he get graduate, too. In addition, TOEFL is a fair way to judge on students’ English because there is no difference between any nationalities. It means when TOEFL is served it does not care about your native language, it just care about your English. As long as TOEFL is taken, American universities do not anxious about students’ English.


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