Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Great Evaluation

Most people worried when they send their children to school because usually they ask, are children’s teachers good? Are teachers organized in classes? Many questions might asked by parents to make sure about their children education. In addition, educators want to keep the standard of teacher in good level. There are many ways to make sure teacher can fill this job or not such as testing, screening and make interviewing. One of most important way is teachers’ evaluation by students. This way is very useful because it reflects the real condition for teachers. In addition, it done by students who are at teacher’s class, so this way makes sense. The teachers' evaluation by students should be used because students are very close to teachers during work, it gives responsibility to students early and it makes teacher do the best.

First, students are the people who are very close to teachers when teachers are working. There is no person can notice teacher during work like student. For example, if the teacher can not explain very well or does not use good methods for attracting students, of course students will detect that. Also, students can distinguish between good and bad teachers by comparing between them. For example, some teachers are not organized, have bad personality and get angry easily. According to Michael Scriven (1995) "Students are in a unique position to rate their own increased knowledge and comprehension as well as changed motivation toward the subject taught. As students, they are also in a good position to judge such matters as whether tests covered all the material of the course". (para. 4). From that we can know students only can notice everything on teachers. So, it is a good way to make judgment on teachers from close point.

Second, students will feel with some responsibility early by indirect way. It is an excellent technique to teach students how they can be responsible. For instance, this system will give students more confidence because they will say their opinions without hesitate. Also, students will learn to critic many things in their life to get better result. For example, they will learn to study important things in their life by recognizing advantages and disadvantages. After that, they can make a decision if it is fine or not. Also, students will be good people in the society because they detect early that they are part of their society and they can participate in many different ways. Therefore, teachers' evaluation will lead to amazing results.

Third, teachers will do the best to get high evaluation. In fact, evaluation will let teacher try to work very well to satisfy their bosses and students because no one likes to lose his job. Moreover, teacher will try to change bad habits into good such as the coming late to work, delaying to give back students' papers and talking in bad way. According to Astleitner (2005) "focusing on such only increases the success of instruction when instructional methods are continuously planned, implemented, evaluated, and adapted based on these principles" (para. 3). That means evaluation consider one of the important factors that can help in education. Obviously, teachers' evaluation will help to improve teachers' performance.

Opponents of teachers' evaluation say that students do not reach a level to evaluate teachers. They are not right because evaluation will be suitable with each study level. For example, evaluation at high school will be different from that at university. In addition, it can give students knowledge to know their needs. For example, math class depends on solve problems if the teacher do not do that, absolutely student will see it and say it at evaluation. Obviously, teachers evaluation has many benefits, so it is a wonderful way to achieve aims.

In conclusion, most people in different positions consider teachers' evaluation is wonderful way to encourage education within two groups, which are teachers and students. It can help to make judge on teachers closely, give students some dependability, and assist teachers to do the finest. By this way, we can to achieve many goals at same time. As long as teachers' evaluation is applied, education will progress and improve to protect our work is good quality.

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